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In Episode 10 (double digits! WOOT.) of Forging Flame, Ryan and I took the opportunity to go a slightly different direction than our norm, when scheduling a guest for the show. 

Typically, we’re sitting down and talking with artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs about not only their creative processes and inspiration, but also about their projects, what they’ve got coming up, and what we can help them try and promote. There’s a lot of give and take in the relationship we have with our guests. 

In the relationship we have with this guest, the “give and take” balance has always been distinctly skewed towards the “give” end of the spectrum, as he’s one of the most generous people either of us know. His presence on this episode is no exception, as he was more than generous in sharing a great deal about what has gotten him to his current phase in life, as well as what makes him tick as a lifelong creative. 

We break down what made him so angry as a VERY aggressive “horrorcore” rapper in his youth, share fond memories of creeping people out en masse, and put the pieces together in trying to understand how that person became the day-jobbing husband and father he prides himself on being today. 

He’s been one of our mutual best friends for longer than he hasn’t, and you’re likely to fall in love with him too. His name is Brandon Whittington.