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Adorcism is the term used to define the process of willing possession, or at least the acceptance of and assimilation with a possessing entity or force, typically with the intention of using the entity’s power for the benefit of the host. It’s also the name of Ryan M. Brewer’s previous album, to which his most recent, Exorcism, is the response. 

Sellick and I had a great conversation with Mr. Brewer, breaking down his creative process and bio (among other things…), but were both struck by the discussion on transformation and evolution, particularly in how they relate to the creation of his music. His last two albums are the distillation of that notion. 

In talking about Adorcism, Ryan (Brewer) states that he was in a really dark, negative place at the time of its inception. He chose to embrace his negative emotional state and funnel it into fuel, metaphorically integrating with the ugly demons possessing him at the time. He willingly took a passive approach to life and creation at that time. Given the discussion, it seems like that may have been the best possible option for his survival at the time. 

Luckily for Ryan, he was able to move beyond the need to embrace his negative emotions. That’s what his latest (interactive) album, Exorcism, is all about. This album is the shedding of unnecessary spiritual weight for Ryan M. Brewer, and more than that, a full-blown paradigm shift. To paraphrase, (and this is really the golden nugget for the Episode 13 Blob) when he created Adorcism, Ryan was very much letting life happen TO him, and Exorcism is the transition of moving from that passive state, and into a place where action aligns with intention, and life begins to happen FOR him. There’s unfathomable power in that, Dear Reader. Don’t take it for granted. 


Clips from this episode: