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In Episode 19, Ryan and I met up with the boys from Harder Brunch, Dyke Michaels and Kris King. Now, typically, when writing these blogs, especially since they correspond directly to an episode, we try to keep the content relevant somehow to a salient point that was delivered by the guest during the course of our conversation. Since this show was basically one big string of inside jokes, (most of them unforgivably inappropriate) I don’t think I can do that in this case. Plus, Ryan and I both know plenty of women who could kill plenty of men with their bare hands.

Instead of trying to make some poignant statement with this piece, I think it would be more appropriate to praise Dyke and Kris for having such a good show and gelled dynamic. You’ll definitely notice in this episode that these dudes flow together seamlessly, and may even have a stronger podcast host dynamic than the Drink Culture guys, who were great together. Basically, I hope Ryan and I are able to eventually get to a place where we sound as good flowing together as the Brunch bunch. #podcastergoals

Anyway, this episode was a load of fun, and under no circumstance should be taken seriously. Kris and Dyke are hilarious, and it’s really no wonder their show is growing like it is. We hope you enjoy the episode enough to go check out some of the other content available from Kris and Dyke, and the other shows they’re involved with!