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Our guest on this podcast is Mike Gillis. Mike G (@wheresmikeg on Instagram) is a cultural icon in Indianapolis and Chicago, cementing his foothold in the social media space as a digital marketing monolith. On top of building a subversive and burgeoning marketing empire, Mike G is a thought leader, fashion mogul of WDRFA, tastemaker, an activist, a philanthropist, and one of the hardest-working dudes in the Midwest. We’re super grateful he took the time to sit and speak with us. 

In this episode, Mike G talks about his love of local food and culture, supporting underserved communities in our beautiful city, and how much hard work it truly takes to translate seemingly-simple social media posts into conversion powerhouses for his marketing customers. We get into his background and some of the deeper currents and past life experiences that motivate him to dominate his chosen space.