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In this well-lubricated (thanks, Hotel Tango!) episode of Forging Flame, we sit down with hometown hero and Midwestern heartthrob, Mike Angel. On top of being one of the most charming and effortlessly charismatic dudes we’ve ever met, Mike is a super-talented musician and an entrepreneurial alchemist with a footprint larger than a Bigfoot Yancey track! (Get it??)

A bit of bio – Mike is the co-founder of the (former) Virginia Avenue Music Fest in Indianapolis, co-owner of Square Cat Vinyl, an online record store and local super-hang, and vocalist/guitarist/songwriter for Bigfoot Yancey, a regionally-adored Americana/folk foursome with the uncanny ability to sonically create distinct moments in time with snapshot clarity.

We had a spirited discussion with Mike over a couple glasses of bourbon, where we cover everything from nomadic van-dwelling to drunken business pitches, with plenty of music talk and townie feather-ruffling in between. Talking with Crazy Mike was an absolute blast…maybe even a bit TOO fun, and we’re pretty confident you’ll fall in love with the guy, too. NO FEES!