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This episode of Forging Flame features Joey Edwards—maker of weird and wonderful things! From wire sculptures to award winning photo-realistic pumpkin carvings, to paintings and mixed media visual art—Joey’s work exudes his affinity for all things spooky and dark, but with a refreshing air of absolute delight and joy. Think Tim Burton meets Jim Carrey.

Photo of Joey Edwards painting a plaque frame for one of his creepy wire sculptures

Our conversation covers how Joey started creating as a child (which later evolved into his niche of creepy wire sculptures), his process for creating his pumpkin carvings with impeccable detail, as well as some of the struggles of being an artist in today’s world. 

Nowadays Joey lives in the Portland Oregon area, and he’s staying busy making art and broadcasting his process on his Twitch channel. You can check out all of Joey Edwards’ work at his website Edwards Art + Design, as well as his Instagram page.