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In our curious study of the creative process, we begin with ourselves. Our relationship with creativity is somewhat unconventional and mildly synaesthetic. This conversation covers a lot of ground!

We start on how we met 14 years ago and move on to our experiences with creativity. Nick tells the story of how he founded Hinton’s Pig Chips, a business that sold over 30,000 bags of premium snacks in 2018 alone. Nowadays, Nick manages the food and drink recipes for a local artisan distillery tasting room, and he loves using his creativity to produce exceptional experiences!

Ryan is a lifelong musician and artist, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student and coach, and holds a Master’s degree in Media Arts and Science. The conversation digs into his creative process when making music with his former band, Dead Birds Adore Us, as well as his current solo project Lead Salad

We talk ups, downs, inspirations, challenges, critiques, frustrations, and devastating setbacks, which ultimately forged us into the human beings we are today.