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An artist’s creative process is one of the most sacred and foundational elements of creating anything. This guiding notion, coupled with our intense curiosity, is what brought us here, in front of you, right now. This is a special time for us, as this moment marks the official, public birth of our new podcast, Forging Flame.

At the time of this writing, we have invested countless hours pulling all of the pieces together, busting them apart, refashioning them into something more suitable, and rebuilding it from the ground-up again. Plans have been made, scrapped, and replaced repeatedly. We’ve learned on the fly, made plenty of mistakes, done loads of research, and trusted our deepest instincts to guide us. 

(for a peek into those processes, definitely check out our “FLOG” videos, where we share some of our behind-the-scenes moments of planning and frustration)

This experience has been a lot of things at various times—exciting, overwhelming, taxing, stressful, exhilarating, emotional…and worth absolutely every moment. The conversations have been wildly fascinating, incredibly enlightening, and shockingly deep. Patterns are emerging as well, parallels between creators from entirely different worlds. 

And we are just getting started.

We could write pages and pages filling you in on all the specifics of how these conversations have gone, but we’d much rather let our program speak for itself…

So join us! Bring your friends along, gather round, settle in, and feast upon the bounty that we’ve gathered. The Forge has been warming up to optimal operating temperatures for weeks now, the Source is shining with an ethereal glow, our Hammer is on a swift downward arc, and babies…